AIS Aids to Navigation Management Solution

AIS AtoN Management Solution is based on Marcom products and provides an affordable AtoN management system for AtoN maintenance authorities.

ais aton.png

The Internet-based online AIS AtoN management system assists AtoN maintenance authorities to:

  • Control the position and status of AIS AtoN in real-time
  • Build a guardian zone around AtoN
  • Trigger guardian zone violation alarms
  • Control movements of AIS-equipped ships around AtoN
  • Investigate accidents (unlimited history replay function)
  • Create sophisticated reports about movements of AIS-equipped ships around AtoN
  • Instantly deploy emergency virtual AtoN and broadcast its position to passing ships
  • Send safety messages to AIS-equipped ships
  • Receive messages from AIS-equipped ships
  • Make decisions in operational actions

This solution supports S57 and S63 nautical charts, Open Street, Bing and Google maps.